Although I can call myself a biker, I have nothing against 4-wheeled transport. I have been driving cars for over 15 years, that is, 10 years longer than I've been a motorcyclist!

Everyone has to start somewhere with their first car. I hate to admit it, but I will: my first car was a Harvest Gold, M-reg Allegro, one of the early ones, with the "square" driving wheel! (See!) I was given this by my uncle, when he'd had enough of his daughter's husband crashing it. So it was a real old banger! It did me well at University, so I had little hesitation is buying another when I got my first job - only, I did buy it off my uncle! Amazingly, it lasted me between 5 and 10 years.

Following a very short time without a car, I then had a 1980-model Mazda RX-7 (with the "infamous" rotary engine). I had to let it go when the chassis got too rotten.

I did without a car again (and it was about this time that I got the second bike), but succumbed to temptation, and got a 1987 RX-7.

This car was dogged with problems, so, fed up with the used-car business, I have got a 2002-model SEAT Ibiza. Unfortunately SEAT have deleted their rather cool ad for this car. There is stuff about the car in Wikipedia.

After 14 years with the Ibiza, I decided I did need another car. I had started saving when I bought the Ibiza, which meant I had put myself in perfect position to get a GT86.

I think that I'd love to be a racing driver, too, if I had the time & money! However, although I did pass the full-day course at Brand's Hatch (which is not a bad start!), I'm probably not all that good, really.

I've passed my Advanced test for both car & bike.

Apart from that racing day at Brand's Hatch (driving saloons and single seater racing cars), I've enjoyed the Brand's Hatch 4x4 day, as well as a FABULOUS day out JCB Racing (a Red Letter Day).