If you're not sure what a Palm is, visit the Palm site.

I have had various Palms since the late 90s. My first was a ³Pilot² then a ³Palm Pilot III² a mere 12 months later. This was replaced by a Palm IIIxe (see Palm Boulevard) 18 months later, which was our Christmas bonus that year. We donıt usually get bonuses, by the way.

Then, thanks to a generous gift for my birthday in June (2002), I found myself able to afford to buy the then-latest model, the m515, which I knew I needed as I'd nearly filled the old one. The upgrade from 8 to 16 Mb hasn't helped, though - I've only got 1 Mb left already! Luckily, the m5xx series allows SD card expansion...so naturally Iıve made use of that instead. The old III had had only 4 Mb of RAM, and neither III supported external cards.

At the time of the upgrade to the IIIxe, everyone had one! So, I just had to personalize mine! So off I went to CoolColors (who no longer exist, but you can see examples at Pen Computing) to get me a gorgeous purple replacement case. Yum.

Sadly, no color cases have yet been made for the m5xx series...

I carry my Palm everywhere I go .

I've accumulated a bunch of software - probably nothing compared to many other users, but it suits me! Here's a selection of my favorites:

ApplicationWebsite/for infoComments
drinks (cocktail manager 1.1) PalmGear
Wine Master www.poohbah.com
thinkDB 2
www.thinkingbytes.com - now called SmartListToGo from Dataviz Fully programmable database - I will never duplicate books, CDs, or DVDs ever again!
"PopCap Games" from Astraware www.astraware.com
memosafe www.deepnettech.com encrypt your important memos
orrery, jovian, and lunar, plus the "astro-metrics" DA www.astro-metrics.com
tide tool
www.toolworks.com/bilofsky/tidetool/ Note that the developer has been forced to remove British Isles support as of v2.1. See the website for details and suggestions of how to combat the problem.
www.beiks.com A dictionary for the Palm with plug-in modules for French, Italian, German...and a full English dictionary, too.
www.pacificneotek.com The programmable "all in one" remote controller!
TealDoc www.tealpoint.com
TinySheet & Agendus www.iambic.com
Vindigo www.vindigo.com
metro PalmGear Text-based aid to getting around London.
invaders PalmGear Removed from the m515 as it doesn't work on PalmOS 4
Documents to Go From Dataviz This product was supplied with the m515. I didn't need the Word functionality: TealDoc reads DOC files, and I don't (yet, I guess!) have Word documents I need to have with me. But the PicsToGo program sounded lika a need-to-have, so now I can carry photos of my cats and bikes everywhere I go!
Dataviz were extremely helpful in getting this up and running since the supplied version was the old, not-for-MacOS X version, and to upgrade I needed to have registered that version, which just was not possible! Thanks, Dataviz!

Plus, I have installed the Mobile Connectivity Service apps, including mail, WAP, and Web Clipping.

I get most of my software via PalmGear.

And I find out about all things Palm through my subscription to Palm User Magazine, which is excellent. I particularly like it's quarterly frequency, as I am already swamped with too many monthly mags! See also 3lib - they have a strong involvement in the mag and sort out the regular London Palm User Group meetings.

A good place to get other accessories is Proporta.